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A group of seven volunteers completed some much-needed maintenance on the Iron Grate trail this morning.

The jump leading into the split before Concrete Block was rebuilt to be sturdier, taller, and more in line with the curvature of the trail. Bricks were placed under the jump to create a more stable foundation, which will reduce erosion and ensure a safe riding platform. Additionally, the landing area was dug out to make a smoother transition, but will need to be groomed after the soil dries out.

Additionally, the crew dug a long drainage ditch that traverses the right side of the trail, which will direct water away from the main tread. The ditch follows the trail and connects to a large terracotta pipe, where water will flow away from the main path. Directing water away from the trail will reduce maintenance and erosion, and help the trail to dry faster when wet.

Thank you to the volunteers who bundled up and slogged through the mud to complete this very important work!

For more information about trail work in Frick Park, follow the Frick Park Facebook page.

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