Hillman State Park


Hillman State Park encompasses 3,600 acres of pine-filled woodlands located in Hanover Township, 25 miles west of Pittsburgh. The park is known colloquially to mountain bikers as “Bavington” because it is located within State Game Lands 117 in Bavington.

This park is an active State Game Land. Riding activities are not permitted (except on Sundays or on roads open to public travel) from the last Saturday in September thru the third Saturday in January, and before 1 p.m. from the second Saturday in April thru the last Saturday in May. This does not apply to anyone lawfully engaged in hunting, trapping or fishing on state game lands.

Bavington connects the Kings Creek and Raccoon Creek watersheds within the greater Raccoon Creek Valley Natural Area.

Bavington is much appreciated by mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners, cross-country skiers, and equestrians for its nearly 30 miles of single-track, maintained by Trail Pittsburgh stewards and volunteers each year. Double-track trails and local dirt roads are also present throughout the park.

Bavington’s trails can best be described as winding but not too technical, with some roots and ridge riding, and few steep climbs or long downhills. There are four main trail networks that can be combined to provide day-long rides that will please the advanced rider, but still be accessible to the novice rider:

  • Airport Trails
  • Five Points Trails
  • Old Airport Trails
  • Knowltown Road Trails

Bavington is the go-to park when it’s been raining because the trails tend to be on higher ground and dry quickly. There are no bathrooms or other facilities. Watch out for ticks and errant model airplanes from the park’s radio controlled model airport!

Note: Hillman State Park lies within State Game Lands 117 and is open to hunting.




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Hillman State Park lies within State Game Lands 117 and is open to hunting.