Spring Steward Training Day 2019

In 2019, tidying became the new fidget spinner. It’s productive, gratifying, and most importantly, trendy…So darn trendy. It almost feels like our friends have been

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Freeze Thaw

Most riders understand that you shouldn’t ride the trails when they’re muddy. Most riders understand acceptable riding conditions as well. Sunny…dry…go ride! Perfect. But what about

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Doing the work with Dirt Rag

Great regional trails don’t happen without getting your hands dirty.  This October the staff at Dirt Rag joined the Trail Pittsburgh crew for a trail

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Landslide at Boyce Park

Be advised! The Allegheny County Parks Rangers informed us that a large section of the hillside below the airfield lot at Boyce Park slid down

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Alameda Trail Fund

The Project Trail Pittsburgh is asking you for help to help the stewards at Alameda.  Our target is to raise $1,200, that will be spent on

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Bridge work at Frick Park

On Saturday morning, a team of six volunteers built a new bridge over a section of trail on Rollercoaster Extension that continually washed out. The

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